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Welcome to the Center for Autism-Specific Behavior Therapy

The Center for Autism-Specific Behavior Therapy (ABT) offers free resources, advice, training and supervision to professionals, parents and students as well as those affected with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It is organized from Irvine, CA, but also has a base in Hildesheim. The center can be reached from any place in the world, thanks to online networks. Click here to explore our free information and resources.

Vera Bernard Opitz

Hello my name is Vera Bernard-Opitz. I am a German Psychological Psychotherapist and a Behavior Analyst.

We herewith share free information on Autism-Specific Behavior Therapy (ABT).

Colleagues, therapists, teachers and parents can access helpful material, links and films. 

We will regularly add current topics, new ideas and trailers. Readers are invited to send us their latest therapy ideas, case stories and films,

so that we can share them with the "Rest of the World". 

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May 2024

Introduction to Autism-specific Behavior Therapy (AVT)
-Dr. Vera Bernard-Opitz-

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More Info coming
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August - September 2024

DGVT Web Seminar
Introduction to ABT
(Autism-specific BehaviorTherapy)

- Dr. Vera Bernard-Opitz -

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November 2024
A Spectrum of Strategies for the Spectrum of Autism
- Dr. Vera Bernard-Opitz

More Info coming

Feedback for the courses and website

"I find the videos very good, appealing and meaningful! Good work!! Also that you provide so many resources - great!" - S.
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