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Online Consultation

Through online-consultation we support parents, teachers, therapists and students as well as individuals affected by Autism or other Developmental Disorders.

Online  consultation has been useful to provide fast and effective support for children, adolescents and adults with Autism. The establishment of functional teaching goals and individual behavior plans is based on team meetings and films of therapy and everyday settings.


Workshops and supervisions are offered for the German Autism Certificate by the German Autism Society, the IFA/DFG as well as the BCBA/RBT and IBT/IBA certificate.

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"I am really relieved that Jannik participated and that this result was achieved. It will make it a lot easier to prove his "averageness" in case of doubt. I think the result also shows how much he has learned in the past year in terms of motivation (doing unpleasant tasks anyway) and concentration."

After 1 ½ years of online counseling and the first successful IQ test

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