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About Us

My name is Vera Bernard-Opitz and I am a licensed psychological psychotherapist and behavioral therapist.

Dr. Vera Bernard-Opitz BCBA-D

Short Background

  • I have an American BCBA-D (Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctorate) and an IBA (International Behavioral Analyst) certificate.

  • I supervise ABA/ABT-Programs through in vivo, films and online contacts.

  • For many years I have worked as a supervisor for an American ABA company.

  • For 15 years I have taught at the National University of Singapore and coordinated a center for children with autism center. 

  • Recently I edited the practice series "Autism Concrete" and have published a second cartoon book with my daughter who is a graphic designer.

  • Before the pandemic I gave workshops and talks, especially focusing on behavioral problems, communication, social behavior and visual support.


Andra Bernard

Andra Bernard as a Senior Graphic Designer has used her creative talent for several German and English books.

Cartoons, photos, videos and web design on this website are developed by her.

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